Following your dream

I have read so many books on the law of attraction. I’ve seen So many videos. The one thing consistent with all of it out there is that you are your own creator. You create your world by the thoughts and action you consistently focus on. Feeling comes with those thoughts and actions and feelings are what give your dreams fuel. Feelings are the motivation that thoughts need for you to put yourself in motion to attain what you want. Keep what makes you feel good in your mind Consistently and what you think will come forth into fruition.
So if you feel good about being rich or having the perfect relationship or what ever it may be. You will have what makes you feel good. So think of what you would like in your life and be grateful as if you have it now and be consistent about it and you will see it in your life. Don’t think about what you don’t want or don’t have because that doesn’t make you feel good. And you will just be counteracting what ever good you’re trying to bring into your life. I believe this to be true, Because I’ve seen it happen in my life. I’m still trying to be more consistent and my life is changing for the better as I get better at it and your life will be too. The more you try the better it gets. God bless

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